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martes, 7 de diciembre de 2010

Come along join the few!

After Cinder's dissolution, my boyfriend automatically started 2 new projects.
His first project was Decline(they changed their name to Col·lapse and changed their english lyrics to Catalan), a more melodic and elaborated band, influenced by the last Minor Threat's period, Dag Nasty, Fugazi and so on.
On the other side we have another project, the few, rough sound influenced by the cro-mags, judge, youth of today...
They played their first show last saturday. The show was a blast, seems like people loved it and the crowd moved from side to side of the venue almost the whole time.
I like to see hardcore rising again in Barcelona, there are tons of new bands emerging and we've got shows almost every weekend again, the way it was back in the years. Col·lapse, The Few, The Roar, Power, Glam, Prevail, Amenaça, Absurdo, Glass Knife, Flesh and Below... what's next? let's make it last!!!!

here's the few's myspace, join them!

Their first Demo is already recorded. I've been helping them with the vocals and lyrics for a long time, and i feel proud of the work we've done together.
You can hear the tunes on their myspace site.