lunes, 24 de mayo de 2010


I can't remember when my interest for Frida Kahlo's art & life strated, but lately, i've been more interested and i love everything that envolves her more than ever before. Even if her life does not have much in common with mine, sometimes i identify myself with her a lot. This has been reflected on my latest painting and the stuff i've been doing since a while ago. 3 months ago or so i started an oil on canvas wich is totally influenced by her painting "The two Fridas",
I'll finish it soon cause i'm on vacation and then i'll try to take a picture (my boyfriend's camera got broken so there's no way i can take a good picture right now). I also love everything related to mexican culture, i love all kinds of Catrinas and the day of the dead... Mexico is indeed a place i want to visit, hope i can make it soon! (maybe in a cpl of years or so...)
So this is water color on paper, Frida as a mexican skull. 
And last but not least, here are the lyrics of a song from Chavela Vargas, which is on Frida's movie BSO, is called Paloma Negra.

Ya me canso de llorar y no amanece
Ya no sé si maldecirte o por ti rezar
Tengo miedo de buscarte y de encontrarte
Donde me aseguran mis amigos que te vas
Hay momentos en que quisiera mejor rajarme 
Y arrancarme ya los clavos de mi penar
Pero mis ojos se mueren si mirar tus ojos
Y mi cariño con la aurora te vuelve a esperar

Y aggaraste por tu cuenta la parranda
Paloma negra paloma negra dónde, dónde andarás?
Ya no jueges con mi honra parrandera
Si tus caricias han de ser mías, de nadie mas

Y aunque te amo con locura ya no vuelves
Paloma negra eres la reja de un penar
Quiero ser libre vivir mi vida con quien yo quiera
Dios dame fuerza que me estoy muriendo por irla a buscar

Y agarraste por tu cuenta las parrandas.

Manela & Rafel

This is water color on paper. Dedicated to my grandparents. The bird represents my grandfather, because he loves birds so much and is one of his passions in life, and the thread w/ the needle represents my grandma, cause she used to work as a seamstress. 
I love them so much and i will always do. Thanks to them for being such an important thing in my life and being always there when i need them and for making me happy day after day.