lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

Jerry Fink!

Sorry for the low quality, i took a picture with my cell phone's camera so it looks like crap.
This is a color pencil piece i did to my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago... he was really happy and he loved it. We decided to put it in a frame in the small table we have next to our bed... looks pretty cool! 
I apologize again for the bad quality, it sucks, i'll scan it someday i swear...

Born to lose... IN PROCESS

But live to win.

This is a tattoo desing for my friend Hector. The "Born to lose, live to win" phrase is missing in this picture. In this moment, the painting is pretty much advanced, the rose's got color and so half of the snake. Hope to finish it as soon as i can and upload it then, i'm sure it will be a thousand times better than this poor black line draft.


Watercolor on paper, 14,5 x 7,5 

This is a Matrioshka I've done since i want to get that tattooed under my left arm because I want it to be close to my heart, it means so much to me. It represents my mum, and also my grandmother, due the fact that these dolls represent women in the family: Without my grandmother my mum would have never exist and so on...